Block 4250
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Block 4250

Current Market Status

This block is currently owned by address 0x48C56E2E83D6112292BA0A8AD157BF041ADF3BA9.
This block has not been listed for sale by its owner.
There is a bid of 0.03 BNB ($18.15 USD) for this block from 0xB2E20F07F82CE11E8405444F7E331DC6D4C80175.

Transaction History

Type From To Amount Txn
Bid0xB2E2...01750.03 BNB ($14)Aug 24, 2021
Bid0xA509...F4380.02 BNB ($9)Aug 22, 2021
Minted0x48C5...3BA9May 11, 2021