White Paper
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10,000 unique 10x10 pixel images together making up a million pixel image with proof of ownership stored on the Binance blockchain. This project is inspired by Million Dollar Homepage and r/Place.

What is CryptoCanvas.Place?

CryptoCanvas.Place is an on-chain collaborative canvas that anyone can place a pixel on. The canvas is made up of 10,000 10x10 pixel blocks that individually can be minted, sold and traded. The canvas is stored on the blockchain. To place a pixel on the canvas, the block must first be minted, the owner has to also edits to guest (enabled by default). Each pixel can be any 8-bit colour. The owner of a block has the option to name their block and include a hyperlink to their website.

The dimensions of the canvas are 1,000 pixels by 1,000 pixels (1,000,000 pixels in total).

Why should I own a Block?

Businesses in the cryptocurrency industry should consider owning a Block as their impression can reach other like minded individuals.

Collectors of crypto based asset like NFTs should consider owning a Block that they can personalise as they desire.

Individuals who support crypto currency assets and ownership granted by blockchain technology should own a Block.

How does it work?

The project is built on top of the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) cryptocurrency which allow for the creation and execution of decentrilised apps (known as a smart contract), to be deployed and stored forever on the blockchain. This application may then be run by anyone to perform a trading function for example.

The written code cannot be changed once deployed onto the blockchain, which ensures that data and ownership information cannot be changed by anyone but its owner.

This project uses the ERC-721 Non-Fugible Token (NTF) Standard for the tracking and transfering of the NTFs.

How much does a Block cost?

A Block can be purchased using the cryptocurrency BNB. Blocks are available for purchase currently for 0.02 BNB (~$10 USD).

How do I get a block?

1. Download and install a browser plugin called MetaMask. Alternatively, you can connect your account using Wallet Connect. This will allow websites (that you authorise) access to your Ethereum (or Binance) account balance. By default the BSC network is not included and will have to be added manually by following the steps here.

2. Fund your BSC account, by sending funds to your BSC address.

3. Once you connected your wallet, buttons will appear on the website which will allow you to buy, bid on, and sell blocks.

What can I do with my Block?

You can place a pixel on your Block.

You give your Block a clickable url and title.

You can combine your Block with adjacent Blocks into a Batch.

You can sell and trade your Block with zero fees.

You can rent the Block space to other individuals. This could be implemented with a smart contract and enforced by the blockchain.

How long will this website stay online for?

We are committed to keeping this website online for at least 10 years from 2021.

When all 10,000 Blocks have been purchased, a standalone static website will be released that you can download to then view the canvas on your computer.


2,000 Minted

Mint cost to 0.04 BNB

4,000 Minted

Mint cost to 0.06 BNB

6,000 Minted

Mint cost to 0.08 BNB

8,000 Minted

Mint cost to 0.1 BNB

10,000 Minted

The 36 Blocks at the center of the canvas will be auctioned and 100% of the proceeds will be given to charity.

Additional canvases will be revealed with reserved minting for CryptoCanvas holders.

Open Source

The contract address: 0x22663e2bbf6524dbbe1fb14a84eb689ca65ef367

The verified contract code can be reviewed on BSCScan.